The Boston in Bloom partnership committee have their hopes set on a worthy title this year, as judges return to the town yesterday for the annual “In Bloom” competition.

Boston in Bloom has been behind the horticultural appearance of the town since 2012, and a large selection of businesses have aided them throughout their past in achieving multiple accolades including a gold award in 2019, resulting in entry to the national Royal Horticultural Society’s “Britain In Bloom” competition, representing the entire East Midlands.

The Partnership, headed by Alison Fairman, has, this year, excelled in its campaign, with the recent inclusion of the Boston Buoy trail, accompanied by new installations around Central Park, Boston Stump, Willoughby Road Allotments and more.

Despite the challenges faced by COVID-19, businesses have continued to make an impact on the floral appearance of the town, including Hoppers Jewellers, The Quayside Hotel, Goodbarns Yard, No. Twenty Hotel & Bar, Pescod Square, and more.

Staff from Cammacks and Lincolnshire Co-Operative have also been out in force supporting the campaign volunteering hours to help with the project.

Speaking of the judging, Alison Fairman said: “It’s a privilege to have the opportunity to welcome judges from East Midlands in Bloom to Boston again, showing the town in its floral glory. A startling amount of time and effort has been put in by a huge range of volunteers over the last 2 months to get Boston ready for its annual judging, and I’m grateful to everyone for their hard work and dedication.

It has been a difficult period, with the Coronavirus restrictions in place, however I’m confident that we made a worthy impression during our judging and feel that he liked the town.”

2020 saw the cancellation of the judging, due to the coronavirus pandemic, but partnership members have been pulling weeds, tackling brambles and much more for the last few months come rain or shine.

Unlike previous years, this year, the judge solely met with in bloom volunteers who have helped with the various projects throughout the town.

If you are interested in joining the volunteers, or would like to sponsor part of the campaign, you can find Boston in Bloom on Facebook.

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